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About Us

4ten devanning

Our Story

4TEN Devanning is an innovative and professional in container devanning and facility services provider. Our services are diverse and used across a wide range of industries providing our customers recruiting services, supplementary labour and complete workforce management. 4TEN Devanning’s core business is unloading containers. Our personalised teams will arrive to your facility, complete the allocated jobs and move out, leaving our customers to focus on more, and important business. Our company started in 2016 initially as a Logistics service provider. We quickly became very successful in this area and will be expanding into industrial and commercial services providing support services.

4TEN Devanning is New Zealand owned and have a lot of growing potential. We seek to significantly improve our customer’s performance through innovative and service-oriented Devanning and workforce solutions. The service we provide is at the heart of our mission statement.
“Our aim is to provide reliable and fast container devanning services and recruitment solutions
to our business partners for mutual growth and success”

4Ten Devanning
  • FOURTEN (4TEN) Devanning offers a wide range of Biosecurity experiences for container devanning and reliable general labour services throughout Auckland.
  • At 4TEN Devanning we pride ourselves in exploring different avenues to improve innovative ways to assist our clients.
  • At FOURTEN (4TEN) Devanning we provide opportunities for those who are seeking 2nd chance in the workforce,
  • We believe in having high safety standards to ensure that our staff are able to work in any controlled environment.

Customers can use our booking system on Facebook or Call us on 09 3924114. You’ll get confirmation of your booking within the hour.

We look forward to working with you.

What people say

Our Clients Reviews

4TEN a Great Team to work with; always go the extra mile never had any unwanted damages; all requirements for a fast and seamless out- turn exceeds all expectations

“Great cause, exceptional service! I wouldn't go anywhere else”. #4TENALLTHEWAY
Richard Carter-Mills
Operations Manager Cargo Plus Ltd
“Highly recommend, Malcolm’s team do our devans and do a great job”
Carl Mills
Business Development Director Cargo Plus
“I would recommend Malcolm Fata and I had a couple of customers who used his devanning team and they were very pleased with their service. If you have Import containers and need them unpacked, please contact Malcolm for more info”.
Meke Snr Unasa
International Freight Forwarder

Why choose us

10 Years of Experience

Experience and Knowledge in the Logistics and Container Devanning Industry :
4TEN Devanning and its associated entities have been developing since 2016 in the provision of warehouse management and container devanning solutions. 4TEN Devanning is owned and operated by an individual who has at least 10 years’ experience in the industry before commencing this business.

4Ten Devanning


4TEN Devanning will provide specialised induction training to all personnel prior to commencing work at your site.

Safety & Welfare

4TEN Devanning has a fully developed H&S Policy and a procedure for the reporting of incidents.

Workplace Safety

4TEN Devanning has in place the following procedures to monitor safety performance on customers sites:

Our Achievements

450 +
Active Customers
years of experience
1 +


Staff offering 2nd chance employment
40 +